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Ella ncnanted the movie

 Ella ncnanted the movie

The main character in this story is that Ella ncnanted.
What I think about the main characters in this story is that Ella ncnanted a kind, intelligent and respectful of his parents. Ella ncnated magic of power there was in provided by a magic .power  is empowered by the be provided by others . Ella also the two half sister and a mother tiri because the his father had remarried after the death of the mother ella., Ella is also a good friend, Ella in the guard by a stingray during childhood lagi.ella also the patience high in the face of the attitude of two half sisters, as well as the beautiful Ella attack until a prince impressed by Ella ella.serterunya also continue to fight the order given here by the menbunuhnya uncle char precisely at 12malam and Ella finally able to fight and remain free from the power the


In the state of Frell, baby Ella is "gift of obedience" by a fairy godmother to him, Lucind. This is, to make Ella do anything he was told to do, no matter how severe or physically impossible. Several years later, mother Ella who died, after that, Ella's father, remarried to his wife, Dame Olga, and two daughters Hattie and olive.
Ella, a young woman, who happens to meet Prince Charmont, the young heir, interesting, and very popular for the government, they liked each other, but two of his half sister decided to pursue "Char" themselves. Ella is not willing to live under obedience and jealous Hattie season, so he decided to find Lucinda, the only one that can produce the season. Mandy, a fairy house and the only other person who knows the curse, to introduce her boyfriend to Ella: he was in book form, but can help Ella by showing such things as pictures of people in their current environment. Throughout her journey, Ella finds an elf named Slannen, who want to become a lawyer, not the performers as government legislation now requires. Ella Slannen participate in the effort, but they were caught by a group of Ogres. They were rescued by Prince Charmont. He then joined him for the wedding in the land of giants, where Ella hopes to find Lucinda. As they make way there, the prince and Ella began to fall in love. They pass the giant plantations where working as slaves, and Ella try to open their eyes to brutality Char new repressive laws goblins and giants. There, Ella is forced to do rendition of "Somebody to Love" Queen. Char then suggested that Ella came with him to his palace to visit the House of Lucinda Records and faster detection.
In the palace, Charmont's uncle, Sir Edgar was "a gift" Ella called to his attention by talking snake, Heston, who has been spying on the prince. When Edgar offering them the Char hand in marriage, siblings, Ella explained that he was not all he told me. Edgar knew that Prince Charmont intends to propose to the marriage of Sir Edgar also revealed that he killed the father of Prince Charmont. To prevent murder Char, Ella asked Slannen to tie him to a tree in rural areas and to find the giant so that they can help. Lucinda now appears before Ella, who asked him to cancel the "gift" of obedience. with the request, Lucinda refuses, saying that if Ella does not yet want the season, he must remove himself. He unties Ella from the tree and give him the luxury to attend a ball gown in. When Ella reach the ball, Charmont almost immediately bring it to the Hall of Mirrors and asked her to marry him. Ella almost stabbed him with a knife provided by Edgar, when he realizes how to break the curse: looked in the mirror, he orders himself to no longer obey. But Edgar watch the whole behind the mirrors in one direction, and before Ella can explain to the Char why he tried to kill him, he ordered the guards to lock him and he has performed in several days.
and then, Slannen get a giant, and the Ogres came to help also. They sneak into the palace before the installation. They save Ella and know that Sir Edgar is poisoning the crown placed on his head Char. When the crown is only inches above his head, Ella barges in with Slannen and Ogres and shouted, "Drop that crown!" Edgar and Heston called knight and ninja like the Red Guard, and they all battle in the House of Prince Char, Ella, the Ogres, giants, and Slannen. Char and Ella kissing; brothers arrived and orders him to stop, and he was happy to refuse. Char asks Ella is now once again to marry him, and he agreed. The film ends with the marriage and some music (Elton John's "Do not Go Breaking My Heart").

Ella with char live happily with each other, scale and broke all the evil done by my uncle for ini.marry  they char done on a large and vibrant with his people.

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