Thursday, August 4, 2011

my love pet

I have ready a pet, a cat very cute and very majer with me. I gave him the name is cute why I gave him that name because the first time I see a cute she is very dirty, so I took my lovely and clean the body after that look cute cute cute.Provide the name and I keep him cute and I decided to keep the cute. sensible cute tiny but thick fur, I really like playing with cute hair. so cute physique is to eat with that cute, adorable to be fed four times a day. eat a cute especially like the mackerel, fried rice cat putih.comel also a very fierce. because I never have to bite the cute because I was slow to Provide lunch. color is gray-black hair cute. I am very fond of all cute in my spare time. I am very happy to see a very agile behavior is cute. cute very efficient searching for mice, as well as the cute a lovely looking to throw their droppings.
But one afternoon, cute does not come home one day, maybe because I was angry because mengangu cute when I want to take a break to calm down in a tangle ini.saya go looking cute and arrived at a place I saw the cute was lying on the road with a lot of blood .. I am very sad. but what can I do no longer cute, but cute all the memory together with me will not be forgotten forever.

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