Wednesday, July 13, 2011


1. If I become a big tree which I am very sad because I could no longer protect the courtship of the sun to earth. besides, I was very disappointed with people who want to overtake me, because do not think my interest in helping the animal and human life to be a source of food and others.
2. construction of the will exist in all animals take to lose the protection of food resources, and resource protection from a violent animal. This will result in competition between the animals with animals, others in finding places and food sources Protection
3. given the level around after my cut soil erosion is occurring indirectly events such as landslides occur as a result of land movement provisions. in addition, can also increase the temperature of higher than normal.
4. Yes. changes will take place in the environment, for development occur rapidly took over the trees that have been flying. environment will change the temperature around the rose.
5. The message I want to give to those who remember that the tree felling trees also menpuyai also like to withhold benefits from belakunya soil after rain, a source of food for animals and humans and other lagi.jadi to people who think that cutting down trees will impact on the future of cutting down trees that have been done at present.
6. What I was thinking use of technology in reducing percemaran problems that occur at present, can be but with the use of environmental technologies Mersa can help minimize percemaran. with the use of technology can also reduce the Mersa natural greenhouse effect that occurs at present.
7. in my opinion, a blog can merasang environmental awareness to the community, as well as the current world of modern technology is no longer there to block menyerbarkan environmental awareness to the community on ini.sebab the easiest way for the use of blogs in today's most close to the community and to attract people aware about the environment at the present time a lot happened percermaran happened. 

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